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'Sure is good to be a Democrat'! Jim Treacher can't help but notice the way Twitter is running interference for Eric Swalwell

Democratic Rep. Eric Swalwell’s smack-dab in the middle of a bona fide awkward situation, thanks to Axios’ report about him having allegedly been targeted by a Chinese spy trying to gather intelligence on the U.S. government.

A lot of people are discussing the scoop today, but if they’re turning to Twitter for more details, they should be aware that Twitter’s decided some details are more important than others.

Our friend Jim Treacher can’t help but notice how Twitter’s framing the story:

It sure is! If Eric Swalwell’s name were, say, Eric Trump, think Twitter would frame it the same way? Though, to be fair, that’s not an entirely fair scenario … after all, Eric Trump is not a U.S. Congressman who sits on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence like Eric Swalwell is.

But it’s the part Twitter wants you to see.

They really, really do.


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