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Netflix's jaw-droppingly tone-deaf defense for Cuties' sexual exploitation of young girls is straight-up 'Orwellian' word salad

Last month, Netflix got into a bit of trouble over their decision to stream the French film “Cuties” (“Mignonnes”), which critics insisted was sexually exploitative of young girls.


Netflix ultimately apologized for the “inappropriate artwork” they’d selected to promote the movie, but they’ve been pretty quiet in the days since they started streaming the movie, notably amid the growing outcry from the public about what is pretty clearly pedophile catnip.

Well, it seems Netflix is ready to address the criticism. Unfortunately, this is reportedly how they’ve chosen to do it:

If that’s the case, then we can only assume that Netflix hasn’t watched the movie. Because it’s pretty obvious that in continuing to pimp this abomination, they don’t care about the sexualization of young children.



Someone taught those little girls to twerk and touch themselves suggestively. Someone gave them footage of naked women dancing to look at. Someone said it was OK to film a young girl’s bare breast.


And someone gave their consent to put their daughters through that.

“Cuties” isn’t a warning about the evils of child sexual exploitation; “Cuties” is the evils of child sexual exploitation. Right there on film.

Award-winning or not, defending “Cuties” is indefensible.



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