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'What the F'? Joe Biden wastes zero time going completely off the rails in unhinged, fearmongering speech [videos]

Joe Biden’s big speech extorting unifying the country came and went.

He got the ball rolling on Twitter:


Forget it; he’s rolling.

Does Joe Biden know anything? Anything at all?

Somebody should’ve gotten the hook.

Instead, they’re encouraging him:


Well, in a word?

Or, at the very least, he looks like a radical socialist sympathizer with a soft spot for rioters. Forgive us if we’re not buying this tough talk from Uncle Joe:

A lot of Dems and media have got to have pretty painful whiplash right about now.

Donald Trump is running a campaign based on fear! And if you don’t vote for me, you’re all going to die!

But wait! There’s more:


Fact check: False.

But let’s take a brief break from all the violence talk for a second:

Guess not.

But we digress.

He went there. He actually went there.

This is how he shows that he cares about cops.

Nice try, Joe.


He’s so transparent. We’d almost be impressed if we weren’t so disgusted.


Seems like a lot of important things are being ignored.


Maybe someone can ask him more about that.


We’ve got a few ideas about that.

At least Joe Biden’s consistent. We’ll give him that.

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