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'What'd Chuck Todd do?' Brian Stelter tattles on Donald Trump for saying Chuck Todd 'MUST BE FIRED,' conveniently omits crucial info

As you may have heard by now, NBC’s “Meet the Press” and Chuck Todd got busted in a major way for deceptively editing comments by AG Bill Barr:


“Inadvertently.” Right.

Well anyway, Donald Trump has tweeted a few times about MTP and Todd’s attempted deception. This one in particular caught the eye of Real News Hall Monitor Brian Stelter:


Brian Stelter was on it:

Really, Brian? Tell us more!

No, seriously. Tell us more. Because you’re leaving out some important context, bro.


Oh. He would, but see, Brian’s got a job to do. Ostensibly his job is journalism, but his true calling is spin and running interference for his fellow perpetrators of media malpractice.

Brian knows what he’s doing.


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