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Sobering thread highlights American small business owners' struggles and frustrations with Dems' partisan COVID19 relief games

While Nancy Pelosi and Democrats effectively hold Americans hostage (if you’ll pardon our violent rhetoric) with their shameful COVID19 relief shenanigans, Americans are legitimately suffering. Maybe it’s because wealthy Democrats like Pelosi can’t relate to most Americans on a financial level, or maybe it’s because they’re just awful people.


In any event, every second Democrats play games with Americans’ livelihoods is a second those Americans can’t get back. And there are very real, very serious consequences to Dems’ actions — or lack thereof.

This afternoon, radiologist Pradeep Shanker shared a story that Democrats would be wise to read but will in all likelihood ignore, just as they are ignoring similar stories from countless other Americans who own small businesses:


That small business owner in Columbus is not alone. Far from it.


Wake up, Democrats. It’s not just your political careers you’re risking with your gamesmanship; it’s people’s lives.



Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s antics have pushed this lifelong Democratic voter to end that streak this November

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