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Don Lemon's mad love for Rick Wilson and Wajahat Ali's joint CNN Trump-voter-bashing sesh inspires tweeter's pitch-perfect mashup of his 'two moods' [video]

As Twitchy told you, Lincoln Project luminary and Real Conservative™ Rick Wilson — along with some help from Wajahat Ali — recently picked up where Hillary Clinton left off and straight-up belittled and dismissed every Trump voter and supporter:


We can only assume Don Lemon thoroughly soaked his underwear with pee, what with his fits of hysterical giggling at Wilson and Ali’s hilarious remarks.

You wanna know what’s really hilarious, though? It’s that Don Lemon has portrayed himself as some sort of voice of reason, of maturity. Like the real adult in the room. And there he is, giggling like a schoolgirl. The contrast between the two Lemons didn’t escape the attention of tweeter @Richard_Harambe, who put together an interesting little mashup of Lemon’s “two moods.”

Ladies and gentlemen, this … is CNN:


Seems to us that Don Lemon (and Rick Wilson and Wajahat Ali) never left junior high school.

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