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'Not an excuse for stupidity': Charles C.W. Cooke shreds Tom Nichols' nonsensical straw man arguments against conservative 'gun worship'

The White Settlement community is still mourning the deaths of the victims of this past weekend’s shooting (and celebrating the heroes who acted quickly to subdue the shooter). But as we told you yesterday, America’s Expert™ Tom Nichols has been much more focused on the scourge of law-abiding people who choose to exercise their Second Amendment right to self-defense, including in church and other houses of worship.


NRO editor Charles C.W. Cooke — who wasn’t born in the U.S. but knows a hell of a lot more about our Constitution than certain self-professed Experts — made a simple but reasonable point last night:

It should come as no surprise that Tom Nichols had a problem with it:


You can just feel the sneering condescension dripping from Tom’s tweets. And while he certainly used a lot of words, Nichols’ rambling effectively amounts to shooting intellectual blanks. Find someone who loves you like Tom Nichols loves a straw man, and you’ll be golden.

Since Nichols is evidently too dense to realize that his arguments are pointless, it’s up to Cooke to provide the intellectual firepower:



See, now that’s expertise.

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