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AOC says 'the main reason' she's avoided going on Fox News is that she doesn't want to '[bankroll] a white supremacist sympathizer' like Tucker Carlson

Recently, Fox News’ Tucker Carlson had City Journal associate editor Seth Barron on his show to discuss Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s district. Carlson pointed out that her district is decidedly not very clean, which is “irony” considering AOC’s professed commitment to environmental stewardship.


Barron said that one of the reasons AOC’s district is dirty is that illegal immigrants living there occupy areas they shouldn’t be living in and often live in crowded conditions, which generates more garbage:

You may very well find Barron’s explanation objectionable, but AOC is using it as an excuse to avoid going on Fox News:


If AOC’s really been refusing to go on Fox News because she thinks she’d be “[bankrolling] a white supremacist sympathizer,” then shouldn’t she, as a committed crusader for social justice, try to do everything in her power to push back against said white supremacist sympathies?

Fox News has significantly higher viewership than the other news networks. Wouldn’t their audience benefit from AOC’s wisdom? Unless, of course, this isn’t really about sticking it to white supremacists, and it’s actually about AOC wanting the freedom to slam Fox News without actually having to confront them.


We’re inclined to believe that AOC’s refusal to appear on Fox News doesn’t really stem from her aversion to white supremacy and is more a result of her fear of having to answer for the things she says.

Worth noting:

She certainly didn’t tweet about it:

No worries. Her selective silence speaks loudly enough.

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