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Pete Buttigieg's senior adviser hits Elizabeth Warren where it hurts after Warren criticizes Buttigieg for lack of transparency

With Elizabeth Warren’s star fading and Pete Buttigieg’s getting brighter, Warren’s got to be more aggressive. The media are still largely on her side, to be sure, but they can’t do all the heavy lifting.


So now, Warren’s hitting Buttigieg on transparency:

That’s all well and good, but shouldn’t she make sure she’s not standing in a glass house before she starts chucking stones? Buttigieg senior adviser Lis Smith thinks maybe Warren needs to follow her own advice before attempting to dish any out:


Excellent point. Recall that Warren’s tax return disclosures conveniently didn’t include returns for the years she represented large corporate clients. Why should Buttigieg open his doors when Warren’s keeping hers deadbolted?

Neither Warren nor Buttigieg are likely to walk away with the Democratic nomination — but you can bet we’re going to milk all the infighting for everything we can.

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