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Shannon Watts thinks Trump's Turkey tweets are a 'good time to remind everyone that in America it’s easier to buy a semiautomatic rifle than it is to buy Sudafed'

As Twitchy told you, Donald Trump’s on quite the Twitter roll today, justifying his not-at-all unsettling decision to leave the Kurds and trust Turkey to do the right thing in Syria:


For what it’s worth, the always intrepid Shannon Watts has found a way to turn Trump’s tweets into an argument for gun control:

So, if we’re understanding Shannon correctly, Trump’s tweets show he’s totally out of touch with reality, but Watts’ claim that it’s easier to buy a semiautomatic rifle than it is to buy cold medicine should be taken seriously.




Dana Loesch weighs in:

Shannon Watts has yet to give us a reason to take her seriously. Today’s stupidity sure as hell doesn’t do her any favors.

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