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'She'll fit right in': Anti-Semite Valerie Plame kicks Democratic congressional campaign into high gear with a yuge lie [video]

Well, now it’s official: Valerie Plame’s congressional campaign is underway, and she’s got a video to prove it. Check this action out (and we do mean action):


Squee, you guys. Squee.

Noting her Ukrainian Jewish ancestry was a nice touch and totally makes up for the fact that she’s a raving anti-Semite. But that’s not the only offensive thing about that ad. There’s also this:


Lied through her teeth.

Just another honest mistake, no doubt.

She also left out any compelling reasons to vote for her.


It’s almost as if this is all just a giant vanity project.

Editor’s note: This post has been updated with an additional tweet.



Another day, another garbage headline from the AP. This time rehashing Valerie Plame and GWB

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