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'Nice standards': Tom Nichols will gladly vote for pot-stirring liar Elizabeth Warren (or any Dem) because at least she isn't Trump

With few exceptions, Elizabeth Warren’s not getting much media pushback for her bald-faced lie about Michael Brown’s death.


Even the bravest of brave firefighters can’t fight every fire. They’re too busy spraying water at Donald Trump helping to propagate a conspiracy theory about Jeffrey Epstein’s death:

Spreading conspiracies is stupid and unhelpful, and for Trump to traffic in them is decidedly inappropriate and most definitely unpresidential. But does that excuse a Democrat and aspiring president who peddles and propagates blatant falsehoods for the purpose of winding people up?


If you ask everyone’s favorite expert Tom Nichols, there’s a big difference between Trump pushing inflammatory lies and Elizabeth Warren pushing them.

Tom Nichols is not a conservative. It’s that simple.


But you are giving her a pass, Tom. You’re giving every Democrat a pass for all the horrible things they’ve said and done because you hate Trump.

So as long as they’re “not dangerously unstable” according to Tom, their lurch to the hard Left on abortion, border security, gun control, health care, and just about everything else isn’t grounds for failing his test? Their refusal to purge their ranks of anti-Semitism doesn’t deserve an F?


But he’ll continue to pretend that he gives a damn about conserving conservatism.



Did we fall asleep and wake up in some kind of parallel universe where Donald Trump saying awful things justifies every horrible Democratic policy and platform? Elizabeth Warren’s far-leftist authoritarianism is OK because Donald Trump said nice things about Kim Jong-un? Expertise didn’t just die; it was murdered. By Nichols himself.

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