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CNN, who harassed an elderly Trump supporter, somehow missed their own photo editor's rabid anti-Semitism [screenshots]

Just when you thought CNN couldn’t cover themselves in any more glory …


More from Mediaite’s Caleb Howe:

Arthur Schwartz, a GOP operative, first resurfaced the posts from CNN photo editor Mohammed Elshamy. He did so by tagging CNN’s Andrew Kaczynski who, with Nathan McDermott, published an article about their own unearthing of past statements by Trump Treasury pick and former Fox News personality Monica Crowley.

Schwartz suggested CNN look in-house equally as thoroughly.

Was CNN too busy to do a background check on the guy they hired?


Hell of an operation they’re running over there.

But hey, it’s OK, because last night, CNN accepted Elshamy’s resignation:

The statements only came to light because Arthur Schwartz brought them to light. The anti-Semitism was literally coming from inside the house and CNN had no idea?

Meanwhile, it’s pretty nice for Elshamy that CNN “accepted his resignation” and let him walk away with some dignity rather than having to take a decisive stand against anti-Semitism.


Great work, CNN!





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