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Shaun King gets to work weaponizing the race card against CBC members who criticize AOC and Justice Dems

As Twitchy told you last night, Democratic congressman and Congressional Black Caucus member Lacy Clay called out Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her “squad” (including Justice Democrats) for targeting CBC members in the next wave of primaries, as well as for really amping up their use of the race card.


Watching House Dems be forced to deal with the monster they helped create has been pretty amazing, but what really takes it up a notch is watching AOC’s fans find new ways to dump more gasoline on the fire.

This whole thing is a dream for Shaun King, who holds both AOC and the race card very close to his heart. He sees this escalating Democratic internecine battle as a golden opportunity to make an even bigger spectacle of himself by anointing himself the arbiter of blackness and black morality:



Don’t get us wrong: We love Democratic and liberal infighting as much as everyone else. And we’re certainly not here to defend people like Gregory Meeks. But there’s something truly disgusting about the way King has weaponizing the race card.

If the Left has any sense remaining, they’ll take that advice to heart.

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