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'Why do you try to defend this???' WaPo doubles down on spinning for Rashida Tlaib (and blaming Republicans)

As Twitchy told you earlier, the Washington Post shamed themselves yesterday by turning Rep. Rashida Tlaib’s horrendous remarks about the Holocaust and Israel into another “Republicans seize” story. Logic would dictate that after the throttling they received, they wouldn’t dare try to defend Tlaib’s remarks again.


But logically is clearly not how WaPo does things, because they’re doubling down on defending Tlaib — with another swipe at those “seizing” Republicans, of course:

Amber Phillips writes:

Her sentiment that Palestinians were martyrs for persecuted Jews is not a popular one among supporters of Israel. And Tlaib did frame her comments awkwardly. “Calming” is not a word normally ascribed to any aspect of the Holocaust. She was overtly critical of what happened to Palestinians but prefaces it by saying she has a positive take on it. That’s dissonant.

Her sentiment is not a popular one among supporters of Israel because it’s straight-up dishonest.


Republicans also have taken Omar’s comments out of context to cast her as some kind of monster. Several weeks ago, Republicans grabbed her remarks that “some people did something” about the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks to accuse her of being glib about the attacks. If you read her remarks in context, though, it appears Omar was using that language to make a point that Muslims have suffered in America because the attackers were Muslim.

Politicians twisting other politicians’ words is as old as politics. But accusing a member of Congress of feeling good about the Holocaust is a particularly fact-free, baseless attack. Before you accuse someone of saying something as egregious as that, wouldn’t you at least double check that’s indeed what that person said? The No. 2 and No. 3 House Republicans, and the president of the United States, didn’t bother.

We’re living in a time where someone can falsely accuse their political opponents of saying something, even when there’s a clear record otherwise. It’s as close as it gets to just making up stuff.


It’s fine to argue that Tlaib was not saying that the Holocaust itself brings her “a calming feeling.” But for Phillips to dismiss the very legitimate criticism of Tlaib’s historical revisionism isn’t just journalistic malpractice; it’s intellectual malpractice.

And it deserves to be.




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