As Twitchy told you yesterday, Democratic Rep. Rashida Tlaib reaffirmed her anti-Semitism with a bit of historical revisionism concerning the Holocaust and Israel:

Palestinian Arabs most definitely did not try “to create a safe haven for Jews.” But if you’re one of those icky “Republicans” pointing that out, know that New York Magazine’s Jonathan Chait is not going to stand for it:


Chait’s the one misrepresenting Tlaib’s remarks. Here’s the headline for Chait’s piece:

Oh, is that what she did? More:

I don’t agree at all with Tlaib’s view of the Middle East (she is in favor of the one-state solution, which would almost certainly lead to endless bloodshed) nor do I especially endorse this comment in particular. But what she is saying here is not very hard to understand: While she regrets the establishment of the state of Israel, it did bring a benefit to Jewish refugees.

Come on, man.

Yep. While it may not be fair to say that Tlaib gets “a calming feeling” from the Holocaust itself, there really is no excuse for her complete whitewashing of the atrocities committed against Jews by Palestinian Arabs.

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