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'Principles ain't it'! @redsteeze absolutely torches Tom Nichols for embracing Dems 'to purify conservatism'

As Twitchy told you earlier, some Democratic POTUS hopefuls have come out in support of packing the Supreme Court.


Stephen Miller, aka @redsteeze, thought that sounded like something a certain True Conservative™ would support:

Well, Tom Nichols ears must’ve been burning, because he responded to Miller’s tweets:

Nichols may be fooling some people with that True Conservative schtick, but he’s not fooling us. Or Miller:


Yep. Trump’s a lifelong New York Democrat. But he’s also a special kind of Democrat, because he’s managed to get Nichols to want to put even more Democrats in positions of power.

He hasn’t. But Tom isn’t about to let a little detail like that stand in the way of his holier-than-thou act.


Oh, it’s just “hypothetical damage.” Yeah, the Democrats have definitely not advocated for late-term abortion or infanticide, nationalizing industries, ditching the Electoral College, taking guns away, or policing speech. And they most certainly don’t have an anti-Semitism problem. Nothing to see here, folks!

No. He didn’t. But again. Tom doesn’t like to get hung up on the details. He’s fine to just let them work themselves out later.


That’s how we Make the GOP Conservative Again!

It’s bad if you’re voting for Democrats when you claim to be a conservative, Tom.

Since he’s so unabashedly embracing Democrats and their radical platforms, why doesn’t he just embrace his not-so-inner Democrat and end the charade already?


Well, when stupid is as Tom Nichols does, what else should you expect?

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