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'Just NOW?' Believe it or not, NYT's Nikki Haley faceplant just got MORE embarrassing; UPDATED

We’d tell the New York Times to call their office, but the hackery is coming from inside the house. So it wouldn’t do them any good.

After beclowning themselves in epic fashion over the pricey curtains in Nikki Haley’s residence — curtains Haley did not buy — they’ve got a monster cleanup job ahead of them. The job is reportedly underway now:


“Reviewing” the story.

Now, we’re no Real Journalists or anything, but their procedure seems … off.


Show’s over, New York Times. It’s curtains for you.



Well, it looks like the New York Times’ “review” has concluded:

It’s very nice and all, but wouldn’t it have been more good and thorough to actually vet the article before it was published? Or, even better, just not have even written it in the first place?


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