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'You're an A**'! Ron Perlman owes this veteran and ICE analyst a REAL apology for pushing 'Nazi' smear

There’s no such thing as picking on Ron Perlman too much. He already got kicked around today for taking a badly aimed swipe at the Trump administration over the U.S. possibly withdrawing from the U.N. Human Rights Council.


But he had plenty more fail where that came from.

Last month, ICE tweeted about its Human Exploitation Rescue Operative (HERO) Child-Rescue Corps:

Ron must’ve just found out about it, because this morning, he registered his concern about the guy in the picture:

His Twitter feed is always leaning left. But that’s not a good enough excuse for suggesting the man in the photo is a Nazi.

The only thing that makes this sadder is that Perlman thought he could convince everyone else that he was making a clever observation. But he wasn’t even the first moron to reach the stupid “Nazi” conclusion.


According to ICE, that honor goes to the New Yorker’s Talia Lavin:

And Ron Perlman helped to push the lie that Gaertner is a Nazi. Well done, Ron!

Gaertner is a hero. Perlman’s just a grade-A d-bag. Even Louise Mensch can see it:


When Louise Mensch “can’t even” with a raging lunatic, you know it’s bad.


This would’ve been the perfect time for Perlman to eat some humble pie and issue a sincere apology. This is what he opted to do instead:

As if Ron Perlman knows the first thing about decency.

Ron Perlman may be a D-list actor, but he’s at the top of his game when it comes to getting owned.

And you know what? Ron deserves it.


As is everyone else who participated in the mad rush to slime a hero.

Well done, idiots.

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