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'HOLY COW'! Try not to burn yourself on Jill Filipovic's FLAMING-HOT Chappaquiddick take

The new film “Chappaquiddick” paints a less-than-glowing portrait of Democratic hero Ted Kennedy, which means liberals have got some serious interference to run. Fortunately for them, Jill Filipovic is up to the task:



No, no! Hear her out:

The left does continue to struggle with how to treat misdeeds by powerful men with whom it is politically aligned, and male misbehavior transcends political ideology. But there is no question that Democrats are cleaning house.

No question!


That’s the takeaway if you’re a shameless lefty hack like Jill Filipovic. What Filipovic fails to acknowledge is that there was — and still is — no shortage of conservatives calling out Donald Trump for his alleged sexual predation and misconduct. But Democrats have shown a pattern for decades of deafening silence when it comes to sexual predation in their own ranks.


You can’t say the same about the American right. Our current president has been accused of sexual misconduct and assault nearly two dozen times, and has openly bragged about grabbing women’s genitals without consent. An accused child molester nearly won a senate seat in Alabama, and enjoyed the support of the state GOP. Steve Wynn, the billionaire casino tycoon and Republican benefactor, had to step down as CEO of his company in light of dozens of sexual harassment and assault allegations against him, but the some Republicans to whom he donated have not returned campaign donations from him.

Leaving aside the total moral bankruptcy of this position, it’s telling that the most recent right-wing sexual assault gotcha is a quarter-century old. Democrats and liberals have been, and continue to be, as guilty as anyone when it comes to powerful men abusing women for sport. But as women have gained more power in progressive politics, and as feminists in particular have had a stronger influence on liberal culture and Democratic policy, the old rules of white male impunity are being eclipsed by new expectations of equality and fundamentally decent behavior. Men on the left still get away with far too much, but more and more of them are being held accountable than ever.


If those Democrats are being held accountable, it’s only because they can no longer keep their sexual impropriety buried. Supposed liberal feminists are still pissed off that Al Franken resigned over multiple sexual harassment scandals because he just so happened to advance their preferred agenda.

So with all due respect, Jill, take your hot take and shove it.

If this is what passes for evolution in the Democratic Party, we’ll take a hard pass, thanks.




‘He KILLED a girl’! CNN gets DRAGGED for this scorching-hot take on ‘Chappaquiddick’ film

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