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'Holy sh*tballs'! Babe.net writer totally LOST IT after Ashleigh Banfield criticized Aziz Ansari piece

HLN anchor Ashleigh Banfield kicked one hell of a hornet’s nest when she criticized the now-infamous Babe.net piece about Aziz Ansari, a piece that many people felt smacked of glorified revenge porn. Yesterday, on her show, Banfield shared snippets from a nasty email sent to her by Katie Way, the Babe.net reporter responsible for the story.


More from Business Insider:

In an email to Business Insider, Babe editor Amanda Ross pointed out that the comments Banfield read on air were “a fraction” of what Way sent to the anchor after an HLN producer asked her to come on the show to discuss the story.

And pointing that out was supposed to make Way’s actions better somehow?


It’s pretty damn terrible:

Geez Louise.

We’re not seeing much to defend about that email. And we’re definitely not alone.




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