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'EXTREMELY DISHONEST': CNN gets BUSTED for editing video to make Trump look bad

Another day, another yuge Trump scandal:


Yep. And we’ve got CNN to thank for that:

Can you believe it, you guys? Donald Trump dumped his whole box of fish food into the koi pond! How rude!

Oh, wait:

But when you’re this desperate for a narrative, you’ll grasp at any straw you can find. And when you can’t find a straw lying around, just pull one out of your ass.

Good question!


This is still CNN’s pinned tweet, by the way:

Bless their hearts. They actually expect us to believe they put facts first!

Rotten to the core.



CNN hasn’t tweeted out an official correction, though their political analyst Julie Davis did … eventually:


Works every time it’s tried.

Maybe next time they’ll take a page from Yashar Ali’s book:

Or better yet, maybe next time they’ll just ignore the urge to deceive people in the first place.

Editor’s note: The MSM’s deception was also covered earlier here.

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