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Unhinged lefties lose it on Texas State Rep. Matt Rinaldi, who claims Dem colleagues threatened, assaulted him


Last week, when then-congressional candidate, Republican Greg Gianforte, allegedly physically assaulted reporter Ben Jacobs, Democrats — and Republicans — were outraged.

Today, a fight broke out when after Republican Texas State Rep. Matt Rinaldi called ICE on illegal immigrant protesters:

You can see video of the incident here.

More from the Austin-American Statesman:

The incident occurred as protesters opposed to the new law banning so-called sanctuary cities were being ushered out of the House galleries after disrupting the proceedings on the floor by chanting, “Here to stay!”

Rep. Ramon Romero Jr., D-Fort Worth, said Rinaldi then told several lawmakers that he had called Immigration and Customs Enforcement to report the protesters, prompting the confrontation between Rinaldi and the Democrats.


During the heated exchange, Rinaldi said, the Democrats pushed and shoved him and threatened his life.

Democratic Rep. Philip Cortez of San Antonio, however, said he heard Rinaldi threaten to put a bullet in the head of another Democrat, Rep. Poncho Nevarez of Eagle Pass.


According to Rinaldi, the worst threats and actions targeted him — and they came from Democrats:

So, if Rinaldi was indeed threatened and assaulted by Democratic colleagues, shouldn’t the media be all over this?

Well, not quite “zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz”:

Leaving a few things out, maybe?


Yep, it is. Gianforte was raked over the coals for what he did to Ben Jacobs. Where’s the outrage from the Left over this?

They’re pretty disgusting:



Rinaldi’s claims should at the very least be investigated — but why are so many liberals so quick to dismiss them? It’s almost as if their outrage is a one-way street.

Editor’s note: Autoplay video has been removed from this post.

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