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Grave dancer Piers Morgan: Obama should act against Syria — for the children


Sally Kohn isn’t the only lib hack suddenly in favor of military action in Syria now that Obama’s in charge. Piers Morgan has also performed a striking about-face:


Obama’s in charge, everybody. Boehner and Cantor are on-board. That’s apparently all it takes to convince Musket that this war would be totally legit.

Wonder if Piers is familiar with the word “hypocrisy.”


Regardless of what happens in Syria, there’s no doubt that innocent children will suffer, as so many already have. But is Morgan in any position to take up the cause of children’s rights after all he’s done?

Reminder: After the Newtown tragedy, Morgan sickeningly copped to standing on the graves of dead American children to further his anti-gun agenda. To him, children only matter when they can be used as tools to make the Left look good.


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