Anheuser-Busch’s stock value is still in freefall following the company’s baffling decision to join forces with femplayer Dylan Mulvaney. Any other beer company contemplating wandering into woke waters would logically look at what’s happened to Anheuser-Bush as a cautionary tale and make the correct decision to just stick to selling beer without trying to have a message behind it. Which is really fine, considering that people aren’t really looking for messages in their bottles (or cans) of beer.

Anyway, apparently Miller Lite saw what was going on with Anheuser-Busch and thought to themselves, “Hey, let’s see if we can get a piece of the woke action.” And thus, this ad was born:

Love the bleeping. So edgy! Having women say “sh*t” is super edgy, y’all.

Now, we just need to ask ourselves what the sh*t we just watched.

It’s not. At least not in the sense that Miller didn’t presumably pay people real money for this thing.


Now, to be fair, that’s not entirely accurate … after all, as far as we can tell, all the women in that ad are actual biological women, which is a lot more than Anheuser-Busch can say about their campaign.

It’s pretty sad that Anheuser-Busch set the bar so low that an ad featuring women who look like women because they are women looks relatively clever and not like a total cringefest.

Still, though, this ad is … well it’s not what we, personally, would’ve gone with.

Whatever they’re drinking at Miller Lite is either too strong or not strong enough.

Please tell us that some beer company somewhere is watching what’s going on and taking notes.



OK, so apparently Miller Lite’s ad actually predates Anheuser-Busch’s partnership with Dylan Mulvaney. Not by much, but Miller Lite’s thing is from this past March. Which might explain why there are actual women in it instead of trans women. Maybe Miller Lite just hadn’t thought of celebrating trans women and it was actually Anheuser-Busch who told Miller Lite to hold their beer.

Either way, there are some very incompetent people in charge of PR for at least two major beer companies right now.



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