Saira Rao is a very special person. Because Saira Rao is quite possibly the only person in the entire world who isn’t racist, at least according to her criteria. And as the self-appointed authority on what/who is and is not racist, it’s Saira’s job to monitor everyone else’s words and activities and tell us how we’ve disappointed and disgusted her.

But occasionally Saira takes a break from the racism beat and turns her attention to other things, like the fascist beat. And, much like she does with racism, Saira has a quick and easy guide to help you determine if you are a fascist.

Here you go:

Not that she’ll delete it, but here’s a screenshot so you know what to expect if you try to reply to her directly:

Only people she mentioned can reply? Well, gee. That’s not very sporting of her, is it?

Looks like quote-retweets are gonna have to be the way to go:

When you get it, be sure to get it laminated.

Please advise, Saira. Inquiring minds wanna know.

Ooo, we see what you did there.

We see what Saira Rao did, too. Only what she did required no cleverness or understanding of nuance.

Yeah, probably.



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