Yesterday, Nikki Haley became the second Republican to announce a run for the GOP presidential nomination in 2024. The first, of course, was Donald Trump.

Trump was conspicuously silent about it yesterday. Some speculated that it’s because Haley’s chances at the nomination are relatively low, especially if Ron DeSantis ends up throwing his hat into the ring. And lately, Team Trump has been focused like a laser on taking down DeSantis.

But it turns out we just had to wait 24 hours or so for Trump’s campaign to weigh in on Haley’s candidacy (from the Left, it’s worth noting):

Wow. Donald Trump and his campaign really aren’t holding back. They’re willing to get nasty to take Haley down. Democrats would never stoop to something like that to take down an opponent (well, aside from Hillary Clinton going birther to knock Barack Obama out of the 2008 race). Donald Trump needs to be called out for that kind of behavior. And who better to do it than his outspokenly anti-Trump niece, Mary Trump?

Mary actually tweeted about Haley’s campaign yesterday, and it really put her uncle’s nastiness into perspective:

Oh. Well OK then.

So we’re back to shaming Nikki Haley for going by the name Nimrata Nikki, the name her parents gave her. And accusing her of being an anti-American sellout, and a racist one at that.

Last time we checked, saying that the United States is not a racist country wasn’t racist. Know what was racist? Shaming someone about their heritage.

Oooooooh, snap.

Is Mary Trump really so lacking in self-awareness that she can’t see that she has far more in common with Donald Trump than she claims?

Evidently. A pretty gross one, but every family is different.

Unfortunately, Mary Trump is no different from those she professes to rise above.



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