As we told you, Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar has officially been removed from the House Foreign Affairs Committee, despite her own valiant efforts as well as those of pals like Rashida Tlaib and AOC, who were very careful to note that Omar is a black woman and a Muslim and therefore the only possible explanation for Republicans wanting her off the committee is racism and Islamophobia.

And we mustn’t forget to mention Democratic Rep. Cori Bush, who also claimed that Omar’s ouster was due to racism and Islamophobia:

So it seems that Omar’s defenders both in and outside of Congress have at least settled on a common narrative, which we suppose is convenient.

Show your work, Dean. No, really. You and everyone else playing the “iSLaMoPhObiA!!1!” card need to show your work. Because there’s absolutely zero evidence whatsoever that this is about anything other than stripping someone who has no business being on the House Foreign Affairs Committee of her position on said committee. That was also the case with Eric Swalwell and Adam Schiff and their positions on the House Intelligence Committee.

For what it’s worth, Enes Kanter Freedom, who, very much unlike Ilhan Omar, has consistently and bravely spoken out against bigots and terrorist apologists, is not swallowing the narrative that the GOP is full of Islamophobes who want to punish Ilhan Omar for being a Muslim:

To be sure, there are bigots in both parties. But to attribute something like Ilhan Omar losing her committee assignment to Islamophobia does a profound disservice to actual victims of bigotry.

Sometimes it’s not about religion. Sometimes it’s just about having a moral compass that’s not completely broken.


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