Yesterday, CBS News reported that, according to sources, the FBI had searched the Penn Biden Center last November, but for some reason neither they nor the White House nor the Justice Department thought it was worth mentioning to the public.

It only took more than two months to find out about the search in question, so what’s the problem? Look at how transparent the White House wanted to be!

That’s probably why the FBI has people at Biden’s home in Rehoboth Beach this morning searching for more classified documents that aren’t supposed to be in Joe Biden’s possession and certainly not at another one of his houses:

Standard operating procedure. You know how it goes.

We’re sure this is all just a big misunderstanding.

Oh, but they are cooperating and being transparent! Just look:

The FBI and Biden’s attorneys mutually agreed that it a good idea to search Biden’s home in Rehoboth. See? Cooperation. How nice!

No need to complicate things with a warrant. You can imagine how bad the optics would be if the FBI got a warrant to search Biden’s home.

And it’s not over yet. There’s no way we’ve scraped the bottom of the barrel yet. This barrel might actually be bottomless.


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