With all the stupid crap going on, it’s easy to temporarily forget that Joe Biden was storing a bunch of Obama-administration-era classified documents that he shouldn’t’ve had in his possession in places where they didn’t belong. But it’s still very much a thing that should be, as Karine Jean-Pierre would say, at top of mind.

Especially because the hits are still coming:

More from CBS News:

The FBI search of the think tank was not previously disclosed by the White House, Mr. Biden’s personal attorneys, or the Department of Justice. A Jan. 14 statement from the president’s personal attorney Bob Bauer referred to the government conducting “its inquiry, including taking possession of any documents and reviewing any surrounding material for further review and context.”

When the FBI conducted a consensual search of Mr. Biden’s home in Wilmington on Jan. 20, Bauer and the White House announced it the following day.

The White House and personal attorneys for Mr. Biden declined to comment. The Justice Department and FBI also declined comment.

Why didn’t the White House or DOJ or FBI feel the need to mention any of this? So weird, right? According to the article, “it is not clear whether FBI personnel found any additional classified or presidential material during the mid-November sweep.” The reluctance on the White House, DOJ, and FBI’s part to disclose that the search took place kinda makes it seem like maybe they did find some more materials.

Silly e-beth. Leaks are only for things that make Republicans and conservatives look bad!

Something tells us that the White House, DOJ, and FBI have no comments on that, either.


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