We apologize for missing this yesterday … we were pretty busy keeping tabs on all the media firefighters tripping all over each other to blame the Club Q shooting on Tucker Carlson and Libs of Tik Tok.

But since learning that the attorneys for the suspect are claiming that he is they are nonbinary, the firefighters have let up somewhat while they regroup and try to figure out how they can still pin this on right-wingers. And that gives us an opportunity to see what other stuff media have been talking about. Well, apparently over at “The View” yesterday, the topic of Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar came up. And, totally coincidentally, Hamas and the Taliban were part of that discussion as well.


“Depends on who you talk to.” Um, not really. At least as long as you’re talking to anyone who is not an anti-Zionist, antisemitic terrorist apologist like, say, Ilhan Omar. And possibly Whoopi Goldberg and Sunny Hostin, evidently.

And their timing is, as always, impeccable:


Hamas is indeed openly celebrating the deaths of innocent people, but are they terrorists? “Depends on who you talk to.” 

But wait! There’s more:

Just keep digging, Whoopi and Sunny. You’ll be in China before you know it.


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