White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre has so far proven herself to be a pretty terrible and woefully inept spokeswoman for President Joe Biden on a wide range of subjects, including, of course, illegal immigration.

That also applied to her recent interview on Alex Wagner’s MSNBC show, where Jean-Pierre addressed the question of whether or not the Biden administration has reached out to Texas Gov. Greg Abbott or Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis:


Alex Wagner: “Has the president reached out to any of these governors?”

Karine Jean-Pierre: “So, here’s the thing, and I was asked this question earlier today. I don’t know why we would reach out to a governor or governors who clearly play a political game, right? It is something that they are doing not to find a solution, but to literally put people’s lives at risk.”

First of all:


And second of all, if she’s concerned about migrants’ lives being at risk in sanctuary cities, well, maybe she should stop and think about why that is.

No, she hears herself. She just doesn’t understand what it is she’s actually saying.

Yeah she is.

Total clown show. And they’d rather keep the narrative circus going than be honest about what’s really going on.

Do tell, Karine!



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