First, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis was sending a planeload of migrants to Delaware, President Joe Biden’s favorite place.

Then, yesterday, we learned that that wasn’t actually the case. Not only did the plane land in Teterboro, New Jersey, but there weren’t actually any migrants aboard at all.

Whoops! How embarrassing for the MSM. It’s safe to say they’re pretty pissed with DeSantis for pulling a fast one on them. Apparently they’re so pissed with DeSantis, some are actually angry at him for not flying a plane full of migrants to Delaware:

More from the Miami Herald:

[The migrants] also didn’t know that an anonymous source close to DeSantis would suggest to NBC News that a planned charter flight from San Antonio to Delaware — that was destined for an airport not far from President Joe Biden’s summer home, according to flight records, and dominated cable news on Tuesday — was canceled without explanation and then used to “punk” journalists and Democrats and keep the “spotlight” on immigration.

Ultimately, the migrants interviewed by the Herald were the butt of the joke. They thought they were going somewhere.

Whoa. Anyone else feel like they’re suffering from severe whiplash? Because aside from the fact that the migrants were not the butt of the joke, but rather the subject matter (the media and Democrats were the butt of the joke, FYI), it’s quite a change from “flying migrants to sanctuary cities is cruel and inhumane” to “how dare Ron DeSantis not fly planeloads of migrants to sanctuary cities.”

It’s just so difficult to keep up with these people!

Pick a lane, guys!

Oh well. At least we can learn an important lesson from all this:

I genuinely feel for the migrants who have been at the center of all this. It must be terrifying to make the harrowing trek over the border only to be moved someplace else without really knowing where you’re going. But let’s not pretend that Joe Biden and the Democratic Party aren’t the ones responsible for putting these migrants in that position. Democrats built this. Democrats made this happen.


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