The anticipated arrival of a migrant flight from Florida to Delaware was quite the hot topic yesterday for the mainstream outlets.


Everyone was braced for another heartwarming tale of how a small wealthy suburban town would be enriched by the arrival of a planeload of migrants, until such time as the Army could round them up and make them someone else’s problem, of course.

And then…it didn’t happen.

From NBC News:

The White House and the Delaware governor’s office were ready. So were the news media and political onlookers.

Everyone who gathered at a small airport in Georgetown, Delaware, near President Joe Biden’s home on Tuesday, was waiting in anticipation of a planeload of migrants to be flown from San Antonio, Texas, as part of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ program to send a message about illegal immigration.

But by late Tuesday night, no plane had arrived in Delaware. Instead, it landed in Teterboro, New Jersey, just outside New York City, where Biden was in town for the annual U.N. General Assembly meeting.

There were no migrants aboard the plane.

There were no migrants aboard the plane.

There. Were. No. Migrants. Aboard. The. Plane.

So not only did the flight not go to Delaware, but there were no migrants aboard the plane. Apologies for the repetition, but this is just too funny. DeSantis, once again, played the media like a fiddle and watching them dance to his tune never gets old.

Migrant flights for thee, but not for me. They can’t handle them because they would prefer that people not get hung up on little technicalities such as what they said vs. what they really mean.

And Governor DeSantis continues to expose them for it.

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