You know, for a Man of Science™, Dr. Anthony Fauci has shown himself to be strikingly incapable of acknowledging how science actually works. Or maybe he’s just been unwilling to acknowledge how science actually works. Either way, this guy is long past his expiration date, and that’s quite evident here:

Transcript via Grabien:

“We are not going to eradicate it. It is unlikely we are going to eliminate it. That we get to a level of control that is low enough that it doesn’t disrupt our social order and essentially dominate what happens in society.”

Wow, Dr. Fauci. Welcome to the reality the rest of us have already been living in for a while now. Nice to have you here!

Dr. Fauci’s a scientist, you know!

Yeah, we all could’ve told him that. And anyone who did tell was immediately and relentlessly shut down by the Pro-Science™ crowd.

Of course, let the record show that, while Fauci has finally caught up to the rest of us and acknowledged that COVID is here to stay, he’s still not quite willing to accept that COVID is here to stay:

Maybe we’ll finally be able to live with the virus once every last one of us has died from being sick of Fauci.




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