We apologize for missing this quality thread from David Hogg the other day, but hopefully you won’t be too upset with us because we’re bringing it to you now and making you aware that something like this actually exists.

Take it away, David!

Let him explain.

You with him so far?

Here’s where it really gets good:

David thinks he’d be an awesome babysitter. Wanna hire him?

If we were that Portuguese water dog, we’d start swimming back to Portugal right now. David should definitely stick to plants. Artificial ones, just to be safe.

We’re actually glad that David Hogg is expressing his view on having kids, because now we at least know that he’s not planning on procreating. That will save our own grandkids from the headache of having to deal with little Davids.

Don’t worry. He will.

Forget it; he’s rolling.



David Hogg’s take today on how ‘good Christians’ treat immigrants has already aged like fine milk in the Florida sun


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