California Gov. Gavin Newsom loves to prattle on about the havoc that climate change is wreaking on his beloved state (never mind that California has been accustomed to heat waves and droughts for a very long time, much longer than they’ve been plagued by street needles and street feces and energy crises and whatnot).

Gavin wants the good people of California to know that he’s doing everything in his power to combat the climate change monster. He’s urged Californians to cut back on their energy, of course, which is a pretty tall order on its face, but especially considering his goal of turning California into an all-electric-vehicle paradise. But asking the citizens of his state to go without still isn’t enough to get the job done.

No, if Gavin Newsom really wants to keep the earth from melting, he’s gonna have to take his fight up a notch … all the way to New York City, baby:

Hope he had a chance to grab a bite at the French Laundry, at least!


I wish Greg were here. I know he’d have just the perfect sweet bit of snark to contribute to this post. But he’s gone, so I’ll do my best to pay tribute to him by finding some quality swipes at Governor Do-As-I-Say-Not-As-I-Do.

Don’t forget to factor in the stops to charge up that EV!

That’s a good guess.

He probably walked from his limo to the airport … does that count?

Not all heroes wear capes; some prefer to take planes.



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