Please, let’s hear it for the fine people of Martha’s Vineyard, whose compassion knows no bounds.

When Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis flew a group of migrants to the peaceful wealthy liberal enclave, the residents leapt into action and started complaining right away. One of them even launched a GoFundMe to help raise money, which, now that Martha’s Vineyard has managed to send those migrants off to a military base where they’ll be greeted with — ahem — immigration lawyers, is going to direct the money toward making sure that Martha’s Vineyard never has to go through an ordeal like this again..

Oddly enough, the migrants’ exit from Martha’s Vineyard doesn’t seem to be getting the same sort of media coverage that Ron DeSantis got for sending them there in the first place. The media seem more … generous and forgiving.

Smiles and hugs!

The Washington Post is definitely feeling the warm fuzzies. Or at least the sort of fuzzies that keep them from getting too upset over Martha’s Vineyard giving those migrants the boot. Check out how they’ve framed that:

“Depart for Cape Cod.” They make it sound like the migrants are heading off for an end-of-summer vacation.

To a military base with immigration attorneys.

Perhaps WaPo shouldn’t be talking about departing, but rather deporting. Because that’s what’s probably actually happening here.

Reuters might want to try that, too:

“As migrants depart.”

And why are there tears and uncertainty?

Expect to see a lot of whitewashing by the same media outlets who breathlessly raged over Greg Abbott and Ron DeSantis’ “cruelty” and “inhumanity” now that liberals are taking steps to ensure that the migrants “depart.”

The media should seriously consider doing some actual, legitimate journalism for a change. Be honest about what’s happening. Don’t the migrants deserve that, at the very least?



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