There’s nothing funny about Florida GOP Gov. Ron DeSantis flying a group of migrants to the sanctuary of Martha’s Vineyard.

OK, well, this is actually pretty funny: it seems that there’s an actual GoFundMe campaign to help Martha’s Vineyard handle the sudden influx of 50 poor people.

No, seriously:

In a normal, sane world, it would be.


More from Sarah Goulet, who created the campaign and whose parents have a home on Martha’s Vineyard:

Officials and volunteers on the island have sprung into action to provide emergency services, shelter, food, and clothing. Martha’s Vineyard is a community of open-hearted individuals that view these migrants as people, not political pawns.
However, the island is a resort community with only 20,000 year-round residents, and it already faces a shortage of affordable housing and off-season jobs.
Please join me in donating to the Martha’s Vineyard Community Foundation, which can quickly distribute funds to the neediest organizations. This action by DeSantis is a cruel ruse that manipulates families seeking a better life—but we can help to provide support.

What an inspiration.

So, how’s that campaign doing now? Well, you’ll be pleased to know that they’ve already exceed their fundraising goal. Here’s where they’re at as of this post’s publication:

Not too shabby!

Hey, yeah. That’s a good point. Now that the migrants have been loaded onto buses and sent to a military base and the National Guard has been called in, what’s going to happen with all that money? Not to worry … it’s being put to excellent use:

Oh, OK. Phew. Nothing shady or icky about this at all!


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