Yesterday, conservative writer and commentator John Hayward put together a fantastic thread getting to the heart of liberals’ seething anger with Governors Greg Abbott and Ron DeSantis for sending illegal immigrants to sanctuary cities. As Hayward concluded, the Left is outraged because they’re finally being confronted with the reality that overwhelmed border towns have been forced to face every single day thanks to the Biden administration’s de facto open-borders policy. Lefties in sanctuary cities were fine with all of that when it was just red states like Texas dealing with daily influxes of thousands of migrants. But send 50 migrants to Martha’s Vineyard? Now suddenly it’s a “humanitarian crisis”!

Anyway, Hayward’s got another thread today about liberals’ fury over Abbott and DeSantis openly transporting migrants to sanctuary cities (the Biden administration prefers to do that sort of thing under the cover of darkness, you know, and out of sight, out of mind). This thread is just as good as yesterday’s, and it’s just as damning of the Left:

There’s been a humanitarian crisis at the border for some time now, and Joe Biden has not only been fine with it, but he’s actively exacerbated it.


How many migrants’ bodies have been pulled from the water because they’ve been led to believe that it’s totally safe to illegally cross the border? Or what about the migrants who overheated and suffocated to death in trucks driven by coyotes? How about the migrant children who have been abandoned? That’s a humanitarian crisis.

Sounds like liberals’ priorities are pretty messed up when you really look at them, doesn’t it?


Straightforward from here.


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