We know you’re probably busy with other things right now, but we hope that you can join us in a moment of silence for the island community of Martha’s Vineyard, which, thanks to Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, is currently in the throes of a full-blown humanitarian crisis:

Godspeed, Martha’s Vineyard. Thoughts and prayers.

True story.

Um yeah it is.

Because that happened in dirty red state Texas, silly! And Texas is far away from Martha’s Vineyard, which is as it should be. And migrants were far away from Martha’s Vineyard, which was as it was supposed to be.

If the liberals and Democrats wanted to be smart about this, they’d take DeSantis and Abbott up on their generosity and willingness to share. But they’re not being smart about this. They’re throwing tantrums, and in doing so, they’re letting their hypocritical, NIMBY masks come crashing to the floor.

We couldn’t’ve put it better ourselves.

Oh, you can bet that’s exactly what they’re doing.


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