On CNN yesterday, anchor John Berman and celebrated documentary filmmaker Ken Burns discussed the thematic similarities between Governors Greg Abbott and Ron DeSantis transporting migrants to sanctuary cities and … the Holocaust. It was pretty offensive, particularly since Burns has a new Holocaust documentary out and should therefore be extra familiar with the Holocaust and know better than to compare things that aren’t like the Holocaust to the Holocaust.

But this is just what toolbags do, and those two toolbags were far from the only ones discussing Holocaust parallels. Take George Takei, for instance. He didn’t get as explicit as Berman and Burns, but it’s pretty clear what he’s trying to get at here:

Get it? Get it??? Because Greg Abbott and Ron DeSantis are just like Adolf Hitler!

Poor George. See, he’s the one who’s not getting it. Fortunately some people out there are willing to clue him in:

Uh-oh, George. We don’t recall you suggesting that Joe Biden is an evil leader, despite the fact that he’s been shipping innocent people off without their consent for processing elsewhere for some time now. And Biden, unlike Abbott and DeSantis, has tried to cover it up, which arguably makes him even more evil. You know who else shipped innocent people off and tried to cover it up? That’s right: Hitler. Hitler, George.

Well, Hitler and at least one other guy …

We remember, George … do you?




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