Ron DeSantis flew a bunch of migrants to Martha’s Vineyard yesterday, and the liberals are very upset. They claim it’s because they don’t like to see human beings being exploited in political stunts, but if they were being honest, they’d admit that that’s just something they say so they don’t have to acknowledge why they’re really upset: they don’t like migrants in their backyards.

And Media Matters senior fellow Matthew Gertz thinks that DeSantis is taking his cues straight from Fox News host Tucker Carlson. As Gertz notes, in a July episode of Carlson’s show, Carlson touched on the fact that Martha’s Vineyard, despite being a popular place for wealthy compassionate and tolerant Democrats to call home, is strikingly not very racially diverse. And, according to Gertz, that’s just the sort of talk that leads to the “depraved stuff” we’re seeing from DeSantis and Texas Gov. Greg Abbott:

“Depraved stuff”?

Is there something inherently depraved about sending desperate migrants to a wealthy white enclave, where residents have the financial resources to really help them? Is there something inherently depraved about Martha’s Vineyard? Where exactly is the depravity, Matthew?


Chris Hayes says it’s ‘sick and dehumanizing’ of GOP governors to ‘fling’ illegals to Martha’s Vineyard & other lib-run places


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