Full disclosure: I didn’t catch Joe Biden’s Dwight-Schrute-like performance last night because my husband and I were at a back-to-school thing for our son. But when I sat down to my computer this morning and started catching up on what Biden actually said, not to mention what he actually looked like while he was saying it, I couldn’t help but ask myself a rhetorical question: what would the liberals and Democrats going out of their way to either praise Biden’s speech or defend him from criticism say if President Donald Trump had given that speech about Biden voters?

It was a rhetorical question because the answer is painfully obvious: we’d have wall-to-wall coverage of President Devil Incarnate threatening American citizens on the major news networks and in outlets like the New York Times and Washington Post.

Oh, and in The Bulwark, of course. The Bulwark would be at DEFCON 1 right now. But Donald Trump didn’t give that speech; Joe Biden did.

And that means that The Bulwark’s Bill Kristol thinks it was just fantastic and very presidential:

“Clear and correct.” Frickin’ A, Bill. You dipstick.

Yeah, no. Bill Kristol is not a mainstream Republican. He hasn’t been one for years, and even when he was, he was likely just biding his time until the day he could openly embrace his inner Democratic Party bootlicker and liberal hack.

Bill’s what I like to call an assraisin. And believe me, he’s truly earned that title.

You know, I hope for his sake that he got a good price for his soul. Because Lord knows it’s not worth a damn anymore.



Bill Kristol suggests that Republicans’ objections to raid on Trump’s home are evidence of ‘insurrectionist’ GOP’s ‘unabashed extremism’


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