If you had the pleasure of watching President Joe Biden’s primetime speech last night, then you had the pleasure of listening to him proclaim to the entire country — the entire world, really — that you are the enemy.

And in case you had the misfortune to miss the speech, the Washington Post is here to bring you up to speed:


“Explained.” And “says”:

You’d better believe that the substance of the actual article is just as awful as the tweets, if not worse:

Biden on Thursday appeared to seek a balance between the lofty tones of a presidential address and the sharp, personal criticism of Republicans that many in his party believe is necessary to meet a moment of crisis. While paying tribute to the country’s grand historical traditions, Biden also suggested the upcoming election is a battle between those embracing American values and those trying to destroy them.

White House officials stressed repeatedly that Biden’s speech was not political, saying the defense of democracy is hardly a partisan topic. While Biden did criticize Republicans, he made it clear he was only attacking what he called “MAGA Republicans,” a reference to those who are loyal to Trump and his false claims of rigged elections.

Biden spoke before the majestic backdrop of Independence Hall, colored by red and blue spotlights, where the Declaration of Independence and Constitution were shaped. Uniformed Marines stood on each side of the hall’s main door and large American flags were unfurled behind the president.

Despite his dire warnings, the president also sought to strike a note of optimism, saying that far more people “reject the extreme MAGA ideology than those who accept it.”

“While the threat to American democracy is real, I want to say as clearly as we can: We are not powerless in the face of these threats. We are not bystanders to this ongoing attack on democracy,” Biden said. “It’s in our power. It’s in our hands — yours and mine — to stop the assault on American democracy.”

The whole thing is a mess. God forbid WaPo have the guts to admit that this was not a speech so much as it was a veritable declaration of war on half the country.

The only thing Joe Biden “explained” is that he’s even more bitter and divisive than Donald Trump.



Biden delivers prime-time anti-MAGA speech against wicked red backdrop, not a very good look, Sir


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