President Joe Biden delivered a divisive prime-time speech in front of a strikingly ominous red backdrop, in which he declared that MAGA Republicans are extremists who are threatening the foundations of our Republic.

Aside from the continued vilification of voters who are identified by their collective desire to make America great again, there was something noticeably bizarre about this particular speech.  We the people, find this blood red background to be VERY DISTRACTING. The lighting gave viewers heinous dystopian vibes.

When every move of the administration is carefully orchestrated to convey messaging with intention, such a dramatic display naturally prompts a great deal of speculation.

Is the messaging of Biden’s relatively new super villain persona, exactly? That these are dark and perilous times? That half of America should be hated and feared? The message of unity that the Left once touted has exited the stage red.

The change in tone and the whole new look of the ‘Dark Brandon‘ phase of the Biden Administration is incredibly drastic, yet vaguely familiar.

Who needs The Sith behind the throne when US Marines are positioned behind the podium though? The real controversy of the display may be the unprecedented use of military personnel as a statement piece for such a blatantly partisan message.

Even CNN has to point out that this particular backdrop with the presence of US Marines is controversial.

Bring on the crowd that thinks CNN has gone full MAGA now… but that’s another story, and not the only one to be told about CNN on the topic. Whatever the intent Mr President, this is not a particularly good look, Sir.

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