It’s been pretty difficult for us to shake this feeling that Facebook has enjoyed — and we do mean enjoyed — a very cozy relationship with the federal government. Probably because Facebook has enjoyed a very  cozy relationship with the federal government. Especially under the Biden administration.

There’s a mutual respect there. How special! Look at how special this is:

So sweet of Facebook to get the CDC and Biden administration involved in the process of determining what constitutes misinformation and requires debunking.

“Yes! On it!”



Missouri Attorney General and GOP Senate candidate Eric Schmitt has a very interesting and very damning thread about this:

Glad someone is trying to get to the bottom of this.

Our thoughts exactly. Those should be everyone’s thoughts, actually.

Basically, Facebook is a private company willingly help the federal government censor free speech. So how private are they, really?

Not a legitimate one, anyway. Certainly not a trustworthy one.



NO big whoop … just the FBI admitting it ‘routinely’ violates the First Amendment after Zuckerberg bombshell


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