In theory, the news that’s come out about the devastating setbacks children suffered as a result of policies advocated for by Democrats would cause Democrats to stop whatever they’re doing and reassess their priorities and decisions.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be happening much today. In fact, what we’re seeing from Democrats today has been quite the opposite. And the feverish spinning and gaslighting goes all the way up to the White House.

Check out this insanity from Education Secretary Miguel Cardona:

In his USA Today opinion piece, Cardona writes:

From Day One of this administration, President Joe Biden recognized these threats the pandemic would have on our students’ academic progress. It’s why he made it the Department of Education’s top priority to get schools safely reopened for in-person learning and to get students back into classrooms. We did – but we know it’s not enough. That’s also why under President Biden’s American Rescue Plan, we’ve directed over $130 billion in funding to school districts across the country to keep schools open and help them accelerate student learning.

This data should serve as a further call to action for states, districts and communities to use these funds quickly, effectively and on strategies we know work. We must raise the bar for our students now and use the resources we have to meet that bar. We must recognize this moment for the urgency it carries: Our students – and the progress of our country – depend on it.

If you’re not already seeing red, then kudos to you. Because it means you’re better at controlling your anger than I am. Not only is Cardona rewriting history when it comes to Joe Biden and Democrats’ priorities and actions, but he’s actually trying to blame Donald Trump for the damage done to a whole generation of kids:

This is what folks like me like to call historical revisionism. Like, textbook historical revisionism. Where the hell do they think we’ve been all this time? Are they really that convinced that conservatives are completely incapable of remembering things?

Like so many of you, I’ve sat here and watched Democrats use every single opportunity and resource at their disposal to push and enact policies that everyone with a brain knew would hurt kids. And now you’ve got the effing Secretary of Education trying to tell us that we’ve all been living in the Upside Down. The people who fought tooth and nail to keep kids out of school are the heroes, and we’re the villains.

Sorry, but know. Cardona doesn’t get to do that. Joe Biden doesn’t get to do that. Democrats don’t get to do that.

Hey, @TwitterSafety, why haven’t you flagged Cardona’s tweets for disinformation?

t doesn’t get any more disinformation-y than that.

If you’re not genuinely outraged right now, I suggest you check your pulse.



Education Secretary Miguel Cardona hails Biden admin for doing so much to help children weather the storm of the COVID pandemic


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