For some reason, the Biden administration and Democrats expect us not to do so much as raise a single hair on a single eyebrow at the prospect of the IRS growing by $80 billion and 87,000 new employees. We’ve got not nothing to worry about, they insist. They’re just giving the IRS the necessary tools to make sure that everyone pays their fair share. Everything’s kosher, they promise!

Needless to say, we haven’t been convinced by Biden and Dems’ reassurances that everything’s going to be fine. And in light of this news, we’re even less convinced:

More from Townhall’s Spencer Brown:

Nikole Flax, who most recently served as the deputy commissioner in charge of the IRS’ Large Business & International Division, has been with the IRS since 2008. According to IRS Commissioner Charles Rettig, Flax will be leading “the creation of a new, centralized office for implementation of all IRS-related provisions” outlined in the boondoggle falsely named the “Inflation Reduction Act.” There’s little Democrats love more than a chance to work on “centralized” anything within the federal government.

Flax will play a role in spending tens of billions of taxpayer dollars Congress handed to the IRS for, among other things, hiring tens of thousands of new agents for enforcement. In an agency-wide email sent to all IRS employees with the news, Flax excitedly said that the agency has “a unique, once-in-a-generation opportunity to transform the IRS in a way to help taxpayers and fundamentally improve our tax administration work that is vital to the success of our country.” She also promised “we will be moving quickly with our work,” despite the federal government’s notoriously clumsy and ineffective bureaucracy.

Back in the not-so-distant past, when Flax worked directly with then-Exempt Organizations Unit Director Lois Lerner as chief of staff to former Acting Commissioner Steven Miller, the IRS was caught engaging in the intentional slow-walking of tax registrations for conservative groups, even denying some explicitly because they would have undertaken activities hostile to the goals of the Obama-Biden administration.

Once the IRS was caught in its scheme of treating conservatives disparately from liberal organizations, Flax was one of several senior IRS officials who had their emails conveniently get “lost,” along with Lerner’s, as Katie [Pavlich] reported in 2014. “One of those officials is former chief of staff to former Acting Commissioner Steven Miller, Nikole Flax,” Katie also noted. “The ‘lost’ emails fall during the time period when ‘the Washington, DC office wrote and directed the Cincinnati field office to send abusive questionnaires, including inappropriate demands for donor information, to conservative groups,” according to the House Ways and Means Committee.”



We always knew. This just confirms it.

So, the moral of the story is that if you actively participate in and facilitate a scandal in which conservatives are the victims, you can get a pretty sweet gig in a Democratic presidential administration.

(D)amn, it feels good to be a (D)emocrat.



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