New York Magazine’s Jonathan Chait is taking a bold strategy when it comes to inconvenient realities for Democrats: Pretend they never happened and claim conservatives are making up stories:

The thread goes on, but you get the gist. But first somebody should alert the “Mary Poppins of disinformation”:

As we recall, there was nothing “imaginary” about the IRS targeting scandal.

And of course it depends on what your definition of “imaginary abuse of power” is because if that was the case the IRS was in on it:

If we could harness the power of this level of gaslighting America’s energy problems would be solved.

This was the “imaginary” abuse of power in question:

In a legal settlement that still awaits a federal judge’s approval, the IRS “expresses its sincere apology” for mistreating a conservative organization called Linchpins of Liberty — along with 40 other conservative groups — in their applications for tax-exempt status.

And in a second case, NorCal Tea Party Patriots and 427 other groups suing the IRS also reached a “substantial financial settlement” with the government.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced the two settlements Thursday. The Justice Department quoted him as saying of the IRS activity: “There is no excuse for this conduct. Hundreds of organizations were affected by these actions, and they deserve an apology from the IRS. We hope that today’s settlement makes clear that this abuse of power will not be tolerated.”

The abuse of power was so “imaginary” that it was right there in the DOJ’s statement.

The Biden DHS’s “Disinformation Governance Board” will no doubt do its best to join Chait in attempting to convince everybody that thing that clearly happened never took place.

And if they do get right on it they’ll certainly back Chait’s version of non-events.



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